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Substance and Attribute


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Michael J. Loux

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Beschreibung In this book I address a dichotomy that is as central as any in ontology - that between ordinary objects or substances and the various attributes (Le. , properties, kinds, and relations) we associate with them. My aim is to arrive at the correct philosophical account of each member of the dichotomy. What I shall argue is that the various attempts to understand substances or attri butes in reductive terms fail. Talk about attributes, I shall try to show, is just that - talk about attributes; and, likewise, talk about substances is just tha- talk about substances. The result is what many will find a strange combina tion of views - a Platonistic theory of attributes, where attributes are univer sals or multiply exemplifiable entities whose existence is independent of the world of flux", and an Aristotelian theory of substance, where substances are basic unities not reducible to metaphysically more fundamental kinds of things.

Substance and Attribute by Michael J. The objection raised by de Vries to ElplOs that really distinct attributes cannot as Spinoza maintains constitute one and the same substance or essence of a substance is shown to be valid on the supernaturalizing interpretation of Spinozas theory and Spinozas replies to it in Ep9 and ElplOs are shown to be questionbegging. Talk about attributes I shall try to show is just that talk about attributes and likewise talk about substances is just tha talk about substances. Some of Spinozas most wellknown doctrines concern what kinds of beings there are and how they are related to each other. Universität von South Carolina Speisesaal. Villanova Masters Programme. Sendes innen 59 virkedager.

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The Identity of Substance and Attribute book. As nouns the difference between substance and attribute is that substance is physical matter material while attribute is a characteristic or quality of a thing. Thesaurus in der Hand wählt die Namen der Variablen sorgfältig aus und erklärt was. Western and Islamic Traditions in Dialogue.

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